Question: My horse is beginning to develop minor arthritis, but he is prone to laminitis so I know I need to keep him active. What are some good exercises for him that won’t stress him too much? He has been started on an MSM/glucosamine supplement. Name withheld by request Answer: Arthritis is the inflammation of […]

Flexibility exercises involves stretching, loosening up and bending. These exercise helps muscles and joints to perform their full range of movement with suppleness and ease and help to reduce stiffness and keep your joints flexible. It’s never too late to start exercising. Even old people can get stronger, improve their moods and reduce

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Orbit is a new exercise ball which is dynamically loaded with a weighted smaller ball inside to provide increased resistance and unique workout which helps you lose weight and stay fit in these challenging times. Specially priced early bird pledges are now available for the unique project from roughly $30 or £22 (depending on current

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(Pep) Pep just launched a new gym gear range. The value retailer is now selling exercise wheels, waist pouches, skipping ropes and yoga mats. Pep seeks to tap into the pandemic’s home fitness trend: more South Africans are now exercising at home. For more stories, go to Value retailer Pep is now selling gym gear

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Getty DIET: Intermittent Fasting Aniston is one of a number of celebrities who swear by intermittent fasting. The actress discussed her penchant for the ‘non-diet’ diet—a style of eating that doesn’t restrict what or how much you eat, but rather, when you eat—in a 2019 interview with Radio Times. In it, she explained that she follows

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